This post is exclusively about weightlifting.

Power, is the mathematical component at the crux of every good lift.

in physics. Power= force x velocity

Force= mass x acceleration

velocity is direction oriented speed.

Those involved seriously in the sport of weightlifting are familiar with the monotony that comes with practicing the two movements. thousands of hours are spent making elite athletes kinesthetically aware of the bar before them, and from anothers prospective. it may seem that the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch is all that they do. All day. That and sleep. and eat. an insane amount of food. one thing I want to make clear is that this is TRUE

but a simple fact is often overlooked by beginners in the sport like me, eager to force 300 lbs. overhead. the key is to slow down, and remember the fundamental of the sport… Olifting is a jump. my first post illustrates this very amateur like…


the proof is in the motherf*&kin pudding.

but the fact remains. being a good weightlifter is scientific. Of course you need to be able to back squat heavy, pull hard, and have a solid foundation in strength. but a factor just as important is ones ability to generate speed.

It’s scientific. If you are strong but slow. speed and agility training will make you a better Olifter. If you are fast but relatively weak in what louie simmons calls “absolute strength”. Doing heavy compounded barbell movements will make you a better lifter.

With the buzz in weighting caused by crossfit, most are just eager to grab a barbell and go to town. when in reality, you may need to spend more time on the track/ speed ladder/ boxes etc.

speed is just as much a factor in weightlifting as absolute force is.

That being said, here is my workout today.


from the quarter squat on boxes. take 20 minutes to find a 5 rep max squat jump


between each set. perform ten depth jumps from a short box.




not for time. take rest as needed

with 50% of your 1rm HBBS. perform 5 full BACK SQUAT JUMPS with a 3 second isometric hold at the bottom of the position.


setup 4 boxes in a single file line with room between for depth jumps of increasing height. perform depth jumps from shortest to largest and then back down largest to shortest. down and back is one rep. perform 5 sets…

(consider this a couplet. the jump squats being 1, and the multiple sets of depth box jumps as 2)



take about a 10 minute rest, and find your max height box jump.




The Crossfit Games were a reminder.

That Crossfit isn’t all Clean & Jerks and Snatches.

True, the foundation of Crossfit, and maximum power output can be generated by becoming a solid Olympic weightlifter. The legacy of Rich Froning nearly came to an end last week as myslelf and I’m sure, several others were dumbfounded to find Rich sitting at 30th and then at an uncomfortable 8th. My only reaction to this horror was “shit… where are the bars?” Although the week went on and Rich shone through on the final days to prove once again that he is indisputably the fittest man on earth, it wasn’t without an embarrassing reminder that crossfit is not all weightlifting. It’s just as much about the unknown, gymnastics, awkward tire flips, and being prepared for whatever is thrown at you.
That being said here is todays workout


take 20 minutes to tape up your hands and practice bar or ring muscle ups. If you have them string them together, if you can string them together, practice strict no kip muscle ups.


run a 5k


Ill be in Newport RI for the next couple of days dropping my brother off at NAVY prep school, and hopefully I’ll be able to stop by CFNB to meet some of their staff and athletes.

cycle through the above video 3- 5 times, time permitting.
Don’t eat 2 hours prior and drink plenty of fluids today, it’s pretty much boiling hot no matter where you live today.

at some point throughout the day go through this empty weight cycle to familiarize yourself with the bar
Jump Shrug x5

High Pull x5

Muscle Snatch x5

Drop Snatch To Power Position x5

Overhead Squat x5

Sotts Press x5

Duck Walk: 5 steps forward and backward

Tall Snatch x5

NOTE* the above barbell movements are Rudy Nielsons pogramming from theoutlawway.com




run 1 mile at a relaxed pace
work on a speed ladder for 10 minutes
establish a max height box jump
HBBS (High Bar Back Squat)
4x 65% 4x 70% 5x4x 80%

for time:
men- 62 lb women- 35 lb
kettlebell rows (21 right, 21 left, break up as needed)
80 yard sled carry (apply same weight as used in kettlebells)

post scores and time. Issac help me out here…


So I decided to scratch the High Bars today (back squat)


Because I was feeling clean pulls today



every minute on the minute: 3 Clean pulls from the ground

minute 1: 50% max Clean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-JcXw6IlaY  (without wrist straps)

2- 65%      3-70%     4-75%      5-85%      6-90%     7-90%    8-95%      9- 100%   10-110%

THEN:  3 attempts at a one rep max Clean & Jerk (… that’s right) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=halhVBSMwlY


using a prowler or a sled,

40 yard sprint x 20

rest 1:1 (if it takes you 30 seconds to sprint the sled 40 yards, you rest 30 seconds



of all of the crossfit movements

Choose four movements which you need to most work on (this should be gymnastic oriented)
for me these movements were as follows.
-bounding box jumps (bouncing at the bottom)
-ring dips
-toes to bar
-handstand pushups

keep those in mind for later in the workout.

-take 20 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch (1rm snatch is always a squat snatch)
*note- if you are not comfortable in the squat snatch, take a lighter weight and practice the snatch balance and overhead squat

bounding box jumps
rest 2 minutes

ring dips
rest 2 minutes

toes to bar
rest 2 minutes

handstand pushups

*note, you will complete 4 rounds of tabata, meaning you will complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each movement (and then two minutes of subsequent rest); each of these movements are under the athletes discretion. for another athletes this 4 round tabata segments may have been burpees, hand release pushups, double unders, and air squats…
All in all, this segment will take up 24 minutes

take 15-20 minutes to roll out with a lacrosse ball or foam roller

stretch out quads and back, tomorrow is squat day


take 10 minutes to get loose, use bands to assist in hamstring stretches etc…
with a stripped barbell, get in the snatch grip and hold for ten seconds in the first position (barbell at shins) the shoot up to the second position (barbell just above the knee)and hold for ten seconds, then shoot up to the hip on your toes and hold for ten seconds, from the hip muscle the weight overhead via muscle snatch.
if that wasn’t confusing enough, you have to do three of them

from shins- hold 10 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTNufgKct8CSsa4MyCjkUYruZV2IVdl1eUUAKVDyCQXR4elay7JMw

from top of knee-hold 10 http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc1oqrhyBf1rd5j9go1_1280.jpg

from hip- hold 10 https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRkdOcJV6AGh8lfDxZiQ97swltnWri41GaJUmiBXpsORcXUTVxoeg

muscle weight overhead https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWwnksLx3qEBtR2F_Uy_zqSckK-8dJrmjIn9tXnF1qX_x8nHNRIg

Use the pictures above as reference (but you wont look as awesome)

1) Power Snatch: Find Max UB Triple in 10 min.
2) Power Clean: Find Max UB Triple in 10 min
3) Jerk From Rack/Boxes: Find Max Triple in 10 min (you may drop bar on boxes each rep)
4a) 3X4 Clean Pull from Hang (Top of Knee) @ 110% of Max Clean & Jerk – rest 60 sec.
4b) 5X4 Behind-the-Neck Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
(note* UB= unbroken)

Tabata- (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds off consecutively for 8 rounds)
High box jumps (shoot for 8-10 reps each 20 second interval, pause at the top of the box and extend at the bottom)

Then you’re done… have fun. it took me 2 hours.

July 10 2013

Todays workout


“Hit and Catch” drill (watch video)



3 rounds at a relaxed pace of:

row 500 meters and 10 GHD situps



3×50%     3×60%   3×70%     2×75%    2×75%   1×90% rest 2 minutes 1×90%



10×3 @ 90%



21-18-15-12-9-5-3 of the following triplet

Double unders, Wall balls, burpees



pretty uneventful day in terms of weightlifting revelations… but I’ll go on a tangent about rowing to make myself feel smart.

Rowing. Or most other non barbell movements that Crossfit programs are good. There seems to be a recent divide to those who were first introduced to crossfit. Those who stick with the sport, and others who have taken a particular liking to certain aspects of the sport *coughcough Olympic weightlifting… but balance is what makes crossfit essential to the sport itself (weightlifting that is)

Rowing (or erging, before I get crucified by the poor few who compete in the sport…of rowing… getting tired of having to clarify) is an example of what I consider to be an essential auxiliary exercise to the sport of weightlifting. Aside from erging being one of the best modes of establishing a kick ass V02 threshold (oxygen consumption), it is very similar to weightlifting. The pull, the timing, the posture, all will add to the making of a good weightlifter.

What’s more

Rowing sucks. Aside from the carryover in movements, the conditioning and blahblahblah fancy weightlifting words, it takes a good degree of mental toughness to sit yourself down on an erg, and get after it with everything you have. Obviously the two (weightlifting and erging) are vastly different from a strength and conditioning standpoint, but mentally there is the same medium…


rowing 2000 meters may not be the same act as a 2 second exercise, but putting 300 pounds over your head in that instant of time calls for a serious gut check which many who erg are familiar with. In a way… weightlifting, although much less forgiving than erging, atleast wont leave you wishing you quit 10,000 meters later.

That’s all

Mental toughness

I sound like a balding football coach

go get em’ boys…



July 08 2013

Kay, so I’m still getting a feel for this whole blogging thing, The post I made July 7th about teaching the Snatch might have been a little too lofty in terms of what I want this site to accomplish. That being said I think what I will have is a workout posted each day, along with efficiency tips and then some thoughts about the day, whether they’re questions, concerns, news in the weightlifting/ crossfit community, and the occasional epiphany

070713 (todays date for the workout)

… woohoo!

Strengthworkouts will consist of two portions, the first of which is the strength portion, and the next will almost always be metcon (metabolic conditionaing) or rehabilitation.

20 minutes to establish a maximal Clean + 3 Jerks 

-*note, “maximal” does not mean all time max, each day is different, you’re only as good as the weight you’re able to lift today.

– *note*note…. this means you will do one clean and from the front rack position 3 jerks, this weight should be at about 80-90% of your 1rm for the Clean & Jerk.


5 rounds, 1min rest between rounds

3min Amrap

  • 3 – Deadlift (115/75)
  • 3 – Hang Squat Clean (115/75)
  • 3 – Push Jerk (115/75)

Post scores in the comment section along with any questions.


Thoughts today: bouncing


Now don’t get me wrong, Dan Bailey is my favorite crossfit athlete towering at 5 foot 7 (on a good day) this guy pours his heart out, training with (and against) a man who is a genetic anomaly, and his performance posted above should not be brought down a peg in regards to it’s impressiveness. He threw around 2 and a quarter like it was nothing and yet, I dont think this is right…

Most athletes including myself have found that the fastest way (which in competition is the best way) to move the bar or ones body from point “A” to point “B” is to limit the amount of control by using the ground or position to ones advantage. Athletes like Dan Bailey and Chris Spealler have it tough. They are constantly asked if they feel as if they are the underdog because of their size, and are torn apart if they start to actually win in competitions. “Well the distance in his deadlift is shorter” “well hes lighter than the other athletes” “Well I dont like him because of his mullet…” What makes all crossfiters and weightlifters different, is there ability to perform and find their own unigue ways to “get the job done”

Now it’s a fine line but there are moments where this is excessive. a deadlift by crossfit’s definition must constitute a “controlled effort to the floor” From a strength and conditioning standpoint eccentric motion (the way down) is just as important as the concentric motion of bringing it up. Part of the reason why crossfit has it’s “haters” is because although rich in high intensity, basic and important principles of strength and conditioning are thrown out the window in order to “PR”.

Now Im guilty of this too, dont get me wrong. In the heat of the moment keeping composure and being strict in motion is a tough thing to do, and it should be duelly noted that if it werent for crossfit, people would still be box “squating” (slightly bending their hips) and not even know what a Clean & Jerk is. With all that Crossfit has introduced in the sport of weightlifting, it should remain strict in its practice of proper exercise movement in order to keep its title as “The sport of fitness…”

Weightlifting principle part 1

the first exercise that i want to talk about on this blog is arguably the most difficult movement as it pertains to mobility, flexibility, speed, and strength. (Some of you reading this may be ahead of me) this exercise is The Snatch. The snatch is the first of two components in the sport of olympic weightlifting (the second being the Clean & Jerk). The snatch is a movement where one takes a barbell on the floor, and in one movement, raises the bar overhead.

Top level olympic athletes spend years of strenuous and constant coaching perfecting this difficult yet simple exercise.

Now although i have never had an olympic weightlifting coach myself, there are two things to keep in mind when approaching The Snatch.

1. The Snatch is a jump.

One of the most difficult things about this exercise is the mindset one must take to go into it. Although the end goal is to raise a heavy barbell overhead, a correct snatch should look like a maximum vertical leap without your feet leaving te ground. athletes take weeks to find a stance that is comfortable to them, but put quite simply. the snatch stance, or any stance with which one will need to draw strength from is the same stance as a vertical leap

russians showing us how its done

squating… Cleaning…. Snatching. All stances should emulate that of a strong jump straight in the air.

2. The snatch is not a jump
This is why the snatch is so difficult. The snatch should look like a jump, yet at the end of the day, it is a strength exercise.

This exercise takes practice, consistancy, and above all… Grit. You may be able to jump high, bench great, and deadlift like a monster, but on any given day, an athlete who once snatched 215# two months ago, will fail a couple times at 185# simply because the snatch is a b$&ch. but at the end of the day, if you or i want to be great, you have to go back over, and get that bar overhead.

now i hope that was helpful to some of you, tomorrow i will make a second post regarding weightlifting which i hope will be helpful.

here is my workout for the day.

15 minutes snatch practice with the bar
For 20 minutes, every minute on the minute, go through 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squat. This will yield 100 pullups, 200 pushups, and 300 air squats by the end of the 20 minutes.

i know the snatch was not gone over in any duress or strict detail, but if there are any questions regarding te exercise for todays practice feel free to come to me with any questions. Also youtube is a great source for practice. Tomorrow i will post a video going over the snatch in detail.